Youth Expansion Program


Our Youth Expansion program invites youth from the age of 8 to 16 to participate in a fun, active and creative experience at every live hive location. Supervised by qualified educators, our junior youth leaders (aged 9 and 16) guide each respective group through age appropriatediscovery focused on the same learning outcomes being delivered to the adults. This ensures connected conversation ‘at home’ and exploration activities between live Hives can be mutually supported throughout the family.

Youth Leadership Development


Youth attending live Hives will be identified by the supervising Youth Leader as potentials to lead younger members through the content, activities and games. With permission from parents, these youth will enter a 12-month Youth Leadership Program developing leadership qualities, creative problem solving, collaborative relationships and direct experience.

For more information, please email our Director of Youth, Michelle House at

Creating a Village for Families


Relieving pressure for families for the duration of the live Hives, opens the hearts and minds of both children and parents to new ideas and refreshing conversations at home. When everyone in the home is speaking about similar ideas and concepts, such as intention setting forexample, renewed energy and breakthrough connection can be established.  

It is said that it takes a ‘village’ to raise our children and Spirit Hive is excited to support through education, self-confidence, self-love and respect for all living Beings.

(NOTE: All volunteer staff and Youth Leaders working with the youth are qualified in their respective areas and possess the Australian Blue Card.)

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