At Spirit Hive, we are committed to delivering services to the local communities through both personal, group and online mediums.

Understanding the human desire to experience optimal living circumstances, often we find ourselves in unchartered territory where we are caught off guard at best, or totally side swiped at worst.

Regular Live Hives in your local area:

Through regular, local LIVE Spirit Hive gatherings lead by our purposefully trained and accredited Principals, we open new conversations inspiring internal enquiry leaving the seeker free to explore an Ultimate Truth for themselves.

By examining life with curiosity rather than judgment we gain greater or different perspectives. In the blink of an eye we can make every moment new again which literally transforms our life experience from suffering to bliss, from debilitation to expectation and from powerless to powerhouse.

Imagine… Arriving to your local Spirit Hive as the doors are opened at 9am. You step inside eager to secure a front row seat (because that’s where you feel most connected). The band is playing incredible tunes that you know the words to. You drop your bag, and take your place in the aisles, at the front, or the back, and bust up a groove as the room fills with excitement and anticipation for a sensational two-hour ride. The energy is electric and spirits are high!

Your kids are playing and dancing and what started as a stressful morning, immediately transforms to light hearted, inspired and connected sensations coursing through your veins. You relax as your kids find new friends knowing our team of Spirit Hive Volunteers are all about making THEIR experience so much fun, they beg you to come back at every opportunity.

Swaying or jumping to the beat of the music, your troubles from the week dissolve and you find yourself embraced by the conscious and collective connection that is unique to Spirit Hive seekers.

The band takes a bow, you take your seat and your Principal takes the stage. Your kids all follow the lead of the Youth Development Principal into their own activity space stamping their feet and clapping their hands as a symbol of fun, excitement and a farewell for 90 minutes. You giggle as the venue is filled with the joy of our youth and look forward to hearing all about the fun, games, learning and activities they’ve experienced.

You know you’re in for a sensational 90 minutes of mind bending conversations coupled with powerful insights into the nature of Divine inspiration, purpose and potency!

The kids return running to your side, the band lights up, you take to your feet and you groove the final 15 minutes! You wish it wouldn’t end but you’re excited for the next fortnightly Live Hive and all that it will bring to you and your family!

You can’t wait to play with your new found understandings and look forward to connecting with your new community to share your experiences!

Welcome to the LIVE HIVE experience where conscious conversations are commonplace and spiritual expansion is inevitable!

“To live life unexamined is to be hypnotized by perceptions and social constructs.”                                   Carren Smith – Founder and Principal Director

Counselling and Coaching Services

Since the inception of Spirit Hive, it has been our desire to provide support to all those suffering through life’s challenges and hardships.

Through live interaction and also our online directory service, counselors and life coaches can be accessed free of charge. These incredible trained and qualified volunteers can provide a shoulder to lean on or dedicated ongoing support to direct you towards healing:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal thinking
  • Marriage Breakdown
  • Couples Counselling
  • Grief Counselling
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Financial Stress
  • Sickness Support

There is more to life than this, and we know it!’