Location Leaders

We are eager to welcome new Location Leaders to our team to help spread the magic of self-discovery and direct experience across the globe!

If you believe you possess the background, skills, and attributes that are necessary to lead a large group of Spirit Hive Seekers, please enter your name and email below.  We will send you all that you need to know to inspire, educate and lead a Spirit Hive!

Karen Lythgo

Karen Lythgo


E: townsville@spirithive.org

As a person who always looks for the good and the beauty in the world, taking on the Leadership role for Townsville was ‘finding my purpose’.

I share in the vision for Spirit Hive as a ‘village amongst a Community’ where all its guests will experience an environment bubbling with kindness and support, where passionate and inspiring education and coaching will occur and conversations with like-minded people free of religious bias can be had.  It’s a place where our children and young adults get to blossom from and engage in the essence of Spirit Hive allowing them to be nurtured and developed into happy, resilient, purposeful individuals with broad leadership qualities.

These principles are fundamental to the growth of our Townsville Community and its village and are very instinctive to me personally.

In a world where time is short, fast is the norm and reaching out or consideration for others is quite often overlooked, the positive resilient change that this wonderful initiative will bring to the collective people of Townsville will be one of true greatness and I am sincerely honoured to be a part of the journey.