Make a difference RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Your donations and contributions are the vehicles that ensure the work of Spirit Hive reaches more communities and transforms more lives.

Without all the red tape and administration expenses that most non-profit and charity organisations experience, your contributions go straight to those who need help the most!

Our crisis management services for depression, anxiety and suicide rely completely on the generosity of people just like YOU who are looking for a way to impact and arrest these traumatic statistics!

YOU CAN make a difference and we are so honoured to act on behalf of those that can’t act for themselves!

It’s our intention to rapidly expand and to share the message and help of Spirit Hive in new locations and in new ways! We are incredibly inspired by passion, community and connection and can’t wait to share with you the incredible impact your contribution has made!


1 Donation Details

$50 can support a child with emergency counselling
$90 can support a family in need of a community
$150 can support a family in crisis with counselling and regular Spirit Hive attendance
$250 can educate a child for a year in leadership, mindset and overcoming adversity
$500 can pay for an entire community to attend a Live Hive local to them

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