To have Spirit Hive be a household name with a target of 105 locations opened across Australia by 2025.

To expand into global communities by 2025.

To develop community leaders inspiring change and transformation for all of humanity.

To become a voice for personal responsibility in the community placing curiosity, exploration and ‘informed’ decision making into the hands of families and individuals. 

To be a resource for parents to draw on which supports the family unit and provides education and direction when needed.

To arrest the statistics around suicide, depression, addiction and anxiety in all age groups

To provide a non- religious, non-denominational yet spiritually rich alternative to communities around Australia and internationally.

To deliver youth education around human potential and self-enquiry encouraging free thinking, informed decision making, respectful interactions, self-love and self-control for all.

To remain volunteer oriented in our staffing solutions giving access to ‘genius zone’ based opportunities globally.

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