The dream of over three generations has fuelled a deep desire to contribute to the potential of humanity. Through personal expansion and education in the science of mind, body, and spirit, it was December 2006, which saw the evolution of this timely and transformational message find its voice through our Managing Director and founder, Carren Smith.

Humbly beginning in various venues across Australia in 2006, groups were encouraged to master their mindset and find their own path to inner freedom. Through Carren’s passionate and untiring commitment to human potential, the platforms grew and the thirst for ‘direct and personal experiences’ of personal Truth began to expand. 

By 2014, over 500,000 lives were impacted across the globe. As knowledge of an effortless life began to find its way into the hearts and minds of audiences who acknowledged that their current life experiences and self-belief systems were destructive at best, and contagious at worst, the following of Carren’s message grew exponentially.

2018, the conversations of mindset mastery and the methods of effortless self-awareness have combined to underpin Spirit Hive as we answer the call and readiness of communities, families, and individuals to dive deep into the nature of self-enquiry and personal exploration. Committed to self-discovery through direct experience rather than old paradigms or conditioned beliefs, Spirit Hive will continue to profoundly alter suffering, setting hearts and minds free worldwide!

Come one, come all, Freedom is calling! Will you answer?

#oneforall #allforone


Spirit Hive Founder and Leader, Carren Smith had a dream to create a non-religious, non-denominational, not for profit and all inclusive community that supports those seeking personal or spiritual expansion, enlightenment and effortless Self Awareness. 

In addition, and as a result of Carren’s own experiences of her partner committing suicide coupled with the consequences of surviving the 2002 Bali Bombing terror attack, Carren wanted to create a charity that is a resourceful haven for those suffering through life’s challenges including anxiety, depression or suicide. Offering these crisis services is a vital part of the Spirit Hive vision as Carren understands the urgency when we are in our greatest hours of need. 

With massive expansion plans across Australia and globally underway, this ‘mecca’ for connection seekers answers her dream of bringing like-minded people together regularly in a live, inspiring, enlightening format. With the intention of supporting communities through education, Carren’s dream encompasses our youth through the Youth Expansion and Leadership Program and an Adult Leadership Pathway powerfully carried by a force of volunteers that offer their ‘’genius’ to grow Spirit Hive while expanding themselves and sharing their joy with the community. Our volunteers are now able to ‘be of service’, contribute and make a difference in the lives of others in a way they’ve wished for. 

“Contributing and making a difference in the lives of others defines the meaning of life for so many and now, finally, the vehicle exists where we can all be a part of the Self Empowerment’ that comes with being of service!”


#oneforall #allforone


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