• To move and inspire communities through regular live Hive’s delivering empowering content, conversations, education and personal enlightenment.
  • To foster a non-judgemental, all-inclusive environment for all who attend regardless of background, beliefs, race or sex.
  • To ensure that all Spirit Hive locations remain non-religious, non-denominational and non-exclusive.
  • To provide a village community for families to find refuge, support, playfulness, enthusiasm, education and coaching.
  • To encourage live participation and connection through physical attendance of Spirit Hive sessions, retreats, conventions and adventures.
  • To provide education around philosophy in various forms, and the development of human potential for all ages from 4 to 104.
  • To create an inclusive environment for individuals to explore their own direct experience of Truth free of religious indoctrination, belief systems or societal expectations.
  • To continuously improve and expand our community services through strategic alignment and partnerships with other services providers.
  • To Offer free counselling services to those in need through either live discussion at the Hive meetings, or through access to the Spirit Hive Counselling directory online.

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