Deeply anchored in inclusion rather than exclusion, Spirit Hive stands as a non-religious, non-denominational, not for profit organisation that propounds a message of direct and personal spiritual experience rather than one of conditioned belief.  

Highlighting the distinction between knowing and belief, we encourage seekers to find their own experience of the Divine, God, Universe, Higher Power, Source or any other name that leaves the seeker free to be curious. When one is empowered by a first hand and personal experience of the answers they seek, faith and belief are replaced with recognition and knowledge, making the experience of truth a personal and internal journey.

Without indoctrination or judgment, Spirit Hive acts as a conduit for spiritual exploration into the nature of existence and consciousness. Drawing on various texts both ancient and modern we dive deep into the mind, body and spirit as an holistic approach to the enquiry into the meaning of life.

Through personal enquiry into the Soul of self-awareness, connectedness, empathy, compassion and oneness, our members are able, through their own direct experience, to profoundly participate with, and appreciate, the life giving force that is innate in every living being.

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