The future expansion of Spirit Hive relies heavily on grants, community contribution and sponsorship. In order to arrest the rates of suicide, the impact of depression, anxiety, grief, guilt, shame and blame Spirit Hive has implemented a  counselling service for all those needing help in all communities!

Through the continued delivery of our WORLD FIRST Youth Leadership Program we believe that fostering inner mastery from a young age and creating a village for parents to interact and connect with one another, we will see a stronger and more productive community that supports one another regardless of outside influences which are often beyond our control.

Our Music production crew and directors are developing new and innovative ways to enable our Spirit Hive family to take ‘us home with them’. Leveraging technology along with global and internet opportunities our house bands and vocalists have access to global reach through local platforms allowing their art to be recognised in the lounge rooms and cars of millions!

As a legacy, Spirit Hive will reach more lives across the globe while interacting at high levels to influence government and corporate initiatives. Our teams are charged with creative problem solving to ensure that regardless of technological advances in the future, our systems are constantly cutting edge making the message of this Truth available to all seekers in both remote and metropolitan locations.

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