Here…..Your Expansion is Inevitable



‘Here….Expansion is inevitable’

Join us at a LIVE HIVE on Sunday at a location near you! Bring the family and enjoy 90 minutes of inspiration, empowerment, enlightenment and a like minded community!

Get excited as you access the power Source within to reach higher, experience the grandest and most inspired version of yourself and make a massive difference in your own life and the lives of others around you.

We’re not a Church, we’re not religious, we’re non-denominational and we are also not for profit! We’re driven to awaken the hearts and move the minds of millions across the globe through radical Self awareness, Self Discovery, a ‘Direct and Personal’ experience of Universal Intelligence and Oneness.

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Join the spirit Hive buzz

Our musicians, singers and house bands raise the roof of every live Hive as they create the high vibe that will rock your socks off!

Specially selected and written songs will lift your spirits and awaken your Soul making every live Hive a powerfully memorable experience that transforms your relationship with fun, inspiration, connection and joy!

At Spirit Hive, no one is turned away!

 With an all inclusive philosophy regardless of background, beliefs or orientation, our doors are open to all!

As a Not for Profit, Charity organisation, we work tirelessly to arrest the statistics of suicide, depression, anxiety and addiction in all age groups across all communities, through education, collaboration, inspiration and self empowerment!